Let me introduce myself

Adrienne latex muse

Some stats if you are interested:

  • height: 176cm/5'9" barefoot
  • weight: 62kg/132lbs
  • foot size: 41 (EU)
  • dress size: M (because of my wide shoulders :) )
  • eyes: brown
  • zodiac sign: Leo
  • favorite perfume: Estée Lauder Pleasures
  • favorite sports: skiing, rock/mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking and badminton.
  • favorite places: mountains and my bed :)
  • family: husband and 2 little children
  • my country: Czech republic
I am a fashion designer, but I also love occasional modeling.  Since I started with first steps of fetish modeling in my late 20s around year 2004.
I have collected a large private collection of photos, some small selection you might have seen on my Facebook profile. Recently I have decided to open up those archives and share it with you.

Photoshooting is mostly a hobby for me. I am not interested in arranged and retouched photos, but rather sharing my fetish fashion passion with you in real life and real world.

I have made a lot of photos in public, but being not so much exhibicionist, I tend to less outrageous combinations with focus on decent fetish style.

Besides that, I have a lot of photos from parties and various events, as well as femdom sessions with my one personal sub (but NO, I am not a professional dominatrix - just another hobby).

I am tall and slender with great passion for latex and leather clothing, conventional and extreme high heels - particularly walking on my 10" heels :). I am 176cm/5'9" barefoot and up to 200cm/6'7" on my favorite extreme heels. I also love tight corsets and having my waist tied down.
Another lovely activity is scratching with long and sharp nails - because of my sports activities, I can't have these permanently, but they can be conveniently added for given occasions using special latex gloves produced by my fetish design brand.
                                            ... Yours, Adrienne von Bezvoditzky